Mike Bayne

Over the years, Kingston-based painter Mike Bayne has been trying to get the details riight. He paints small versions of houses, buildings and signs ( the most frequent size is four-by-six inches, the largest is 16-by-24 inches.) "It seems to get more intricate every few years," he says, about the evolution of his practice,"as I become unsatisfied with the level of detail." Bayne's paintings are subtly coloured and intensely realized. He locates himself within a tradition of painters working in a scrupulously representational mode - Johannes Vermeer, Givoanni Antonio Canaletto, Andrew Wyeth..painters who inhibit spaces towards the meditative and melancholic.

Robert Enright, "Mike Bayne: Detailesque," Border Crossings Magazine, Issue 110, 2008, p. 18