Oscar Cahén
Beaverbrook Art Gallery and The Cahén Archives
Forward by Roald Nasgaard

ISBN 978-0-9813280-4-1
Hardcover $85.00 CND


Ryan Sluggett : Instabilities
TrepanierBaer Gallery

Essay by Alexander Nagel

ISBN 978-0-9867628-2-6
Paperback $ 30.00 CND


Cover And Uncover: Eric Cameron
University of Calgary Press

Edited by Ann Davis, with essays by Ann Davis, Peggy Gale, Diana Nemiroff and Thierry de Duve.

ISBN 978-1-55238-534-0
Paperback $49.95 CND


Decoding Douglas Coupland
Trepanier Baer Gallery

Essay by Michael J. Prokopow

ISBN 978-0-9867628-1-9
Paperback  $40.00 CND


Fred Herzog Photographs
CO Berlin

Essay by Claudia Gochmann with preface by Felix Hoffmann

ISBN 978-3-7757-2811-9
Hardcover  $50.00 CND


Evan Penny Re Figured
Kunsthalle Tubingen

Essays by Alberto Fiz, David Moos, Daniel J. Schreiber and Veit Ziegelmaier

ISBN 978-3-86560-990-8
Hardcover  $70.00 CND


Michael Smith: Wresting Vision, Conjuring Place
Art Gallery of Peel

Essay by James D. Campbell

ISBN 978-0-9738198-7-8
Hardcover $ 25.00 CND


Fred Herzog Photographs
Douglas & McIntyre

Essays by Claudia Gochmann, Sarah Milroy, Jeff Wall and Douglas Coupland

ISBN 978-1-55365-558-9
Hardcover  $70.00 CND


Ron Moppett + Damian Moppett (Every Story Has Two Sides)
Art Gallery of Alberta
Curated by Catherine Crowston with essays by Patricia Kelly and Jonathan Shaughnessy

ISBN 978-1771790208
Hardcover $40.00 CND


Fred Herzog, Modern Color
Hate Cantz
Essays by David Company, Michael Koetzle and Jeff Wall

ISBN 978-3-7757-4181-1
Hardcover $60.00 CND


Utopia/Dystopia – Geoffrey James
National Gallery of Canada, Douglas & McIntyre
Essays by Stephen Bank and Britt Salvesen

ISBN 978-1-55365-347-9
Hardcover $75.00 CND

Riopelle: Memoires D’ateliers / Studio Memories
Catalogue Raisonne Jean Paul Riopelle

Essays by Yseult Riopelle and Gilles Daigneault

ISBN 978-2-9812015-0-8
Paperback  $40.00 CND


Luanne Martineau
Musee D’Art Contemporain De Montreal

Lesley Johnstone, Dan Adler and Shirley Madill

ISBN 978-2-551-23876-7
Paperback $30.00 CND


Ron Moppett: Matkat
Trepanier Baer Gallery

Essay by Katherine Ylitalo

ISBN 978-0-9867682-0
Paperback  $25.00 CND


David Hoffos: Scenes from the House Dream

Rodman Hall Art Centre/Southern Alberta Art Gallery

Essays by Shirley Madill, David Garneau, Nancy Tousley and Chester Pelkey

ISBN 978-0-9691206-9-8
Hardcover  $50.00 CND


Martin Bennett: The Shaded Concept
The Esplanade Art Gallery, Medicine Hat, Alberta

Essay by Christian Eckart

ISBN 978-0-9735830-7-6
Paperback  $25.00 CND


Peculiar Culture: The Contemporary Baroque – Luanne Martineau, Jake and Dinos Chapman
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

Curated by Lisa Baldissera, essay by Lee Henderson

ISBN 978-0-88885-351-6
Paperback $10.00 CND


Toronto Geoffrey James
Douglas & McIntyre
Introduction by Mark Kingwell

ISBN 978-1-55365-206-9
Hardcover  $75.00 CND


Chris Cran, Sincerely Yours
National Gallery of Canada
Essays by Bruce McCulloch and Josée Drouin-Brisebois

ISBN 978-0-88884-938-0
Hardcover $45.00 CND


Nickle Galleries, University of Calgary
Curated by Christine Sowiak, essay by Caterina Pizanias

ISBN 978-0-88953-416-2
Paperback $35.00 CND


Evan Penny: Ask Your Body

Texts by Michael Short, Alexander Angel and Robert Enright

ISBN 978-88-572-3559-2
Paperback $45.00 CND